Mid 3rd Quarter: The Blood Moon

~ Mid 3rd Quarter the armies of the Korseye were sparsely camped along the coast and up the mouth of the Thymra. They did their best to starve out the Esperantians on their newly fortified peninsula settlement. It took the Korseye months to marshal enough men from around the kingdom to pin the Esperantians in. Backed into a corner with no easy way out, the foreign council came to terms and, in the strange way they play politics, the powerful Esperantian families made their predictions and placed their wagers on the future. With limited supplies the people reduced their daily rations in hopes to hold out long enough to enact their plans. The native Korseye army seemed to have victory in their grasp as the days slowly bled towards the final moon of Mid 3rd Quarter. Golden, orange and crimson leaves blew free from the trees as temperatures dropped. The last Quadra of the 3rd Quarter was coming near ~

Hey Guys! So these moonly updates have been a long time coming. I also pushed the release date of my books into 2020. 😦 I could make up a million excuses for my procrastination such as LIFE… But, instead I’m going to share my new strategy to stay on target. To encourage myself to write once a month I took the liberty to schedule a years worth of posts. Here is a screen shot of the first half of the scheduled posts.

At the moment all of these are blank. I will fill them in before the scheduled date. But having them scheduled so far a head of the curve should give me the motivation I need to stay on it. As I said they will be released on each full moon. My story is about werewolves after all and that is when they come out to play.

To finish off this moon I embedded a video I made while I was in London over the new year. I had an issue uploading it way back and kinda forgot about it for a long while. But here it is now!

Next moon I will continue with some more history of the vast world I’m creating along with another video. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you are interested in helping to free up some of my time so I can focus more on this writing project please head over to My Patreon Page and become one of my first Patrons.