Late 1st Quarter: The Awakening Moon

Hey People!

I’ve started getting back into writing over the last month. Life has been rather distracting though. With my grandparents having surgery, a stone wall that needed to be built, a new 3D printer and a woman in my life, and of corse my little bro that I must make time for… So, the writing has been slow of late.

Here’s a video I throw together for you. It show some of my art and talks about where I’m at, at the moment. Enjoy!

Mid 1st Quarter: The Seeding Moon

Sad to say, this last month has not bin very productive. For the last 6 months I’ve bin living with my grandparents and helping to take care of them. About 2 months ago my grandmother re-injured her neck and the amount of time I needed to spend helping her increased quite a bit. It was hard to stay focused and motivated on my project when I was being pulled away so often and concerned with her failing health.

About 3 weeks ago I drove her to Calgary for an appointment with a neck specialist and they discover one of her vertebra was loose and causing internal bleeding and and nerve damage and was responsible for her lack of movement in her arms and legs. The doctors decided they needed to operate on her as soon as possible.

At the end of day one in the city my grandfather ended up having a heart attack when I came to pick him up and take him to the hotel around 10pm. They both ended up in the emergency room in beds beside one another.

The short one night trip we planned, turned into two weeks. And, my grandmas quick check up, turned into two serious operations. One for her neck and open heart surgery for my grandfather.

It’s bin an unproductive month for my book, but my grandparents are on their way to recover, so at least it’s bin productive for them.What a crazy month not only for me, but the world.

I hope to get back into the groove as soon as I can.

On a positive note, I did some more work on the world map and have started making some cool custom map brushes 🙂

I also have created this video proposal for Shad M. Brooks. It will be unlisted on my youtube channel and will only be linked through this blog.

Stay healthy out there!

Mid 4th Quarter: The Wolf Moon

Happy new year! I hope you all had a good time over the holidays. I had my little brother with me. It was awesome, but hard to keep up on my writing while watching the little 8 years old.

This years is going to be a big one for me. I’m hoping to publish 3 books, but realistically I will be happy if I complete one that is written and well received.

I have spent the better part of the year world building. Presently I have a detailed world with it’s own history, cultures, settlements and landmarks.

The tricky part now is to weave multiple strong stories together. I have been watching a ton of videos on writing stories and have come to understand it is not an easy task.

I’ve come to understand there are two main forms of writing. Discovery and outlined. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and a healthy balance of the two is how some of the best books I’ve read/listened to were wrote.

If your interested in writing your own book Brandon Sanderson has a very helpful corse on writing that can be found on youtube. Here it is.

Early 4th Quarter: The Moon of Darkness

396 Late 3rd Quarter

There were five of them. A man by the fire chewed on a tiny bit of jerky he’d saved. Their rations were running low. The men were growing hungry. Three sat by a small fire talking quietly, one paced back and forth around the camp, the last was standing near the waters edge. He stood there, looking out towards the foreign city. But, he did not see it. He did not see the marvel he once had. He didn’t notice as the candles and laterals lit from within the cliff and the three levels of circular windows began to reflect their light onto the water. Like little suns they rippled, even after the sun retreated behind the mountains.

The sun retreated to the west, beyond the horizon as it did everyday. The man with eyes fixed on the settlement carved high into the cliffs, saw only blood. He wanted to leave. He wanted to follow the sun home. He saw there was nothing to be won here, only more lives to be lost.

The city was like nothing his people had encountered. It was unable to be breached. He stood there frozen, not by the bite of the changing season, but by the depth of his thoughts. He tried to push the gruesome images out of his head and focus on what he could do to survive the coming night, they were getting worse.

The suns light faded and darkness and stars filled the sky. The men by the fire chatted with their hushed voices, speculating about what they had saw earlier that day. They all wondered what could have been responsible for the gruesome slaughter of their comrades. 

Esperantian night raiders, one had suggested. Another thought it might be wild animals, a large pack of wolves or a mountain loins. The third man by the fire suggested monsters. The two wiser men kept their thoughts to themselves, they dreaded what was to come.

Claiming it monsters was more a joke at first, but after being witness to the savage aftermath of one of the attacks, monsters seemed to be more probably then men. They weren’t random animal attacks. One would have to be a complete rock head to think so. These were not random. They were targeted attacks, tactical and brutal in nature. They all knew it was them, the Esperantians, they just didn’t know what they were dealing with. All they knew was the dread that came with it, the thought they would be next.

The lone man by the water had an idea and put it into action without hesitation. He marched over to the little fire and kicked it apart. Sending the burning sticks flying and the three men cursing. He didn’t care as one of them shoved him away. He was not going to draw whatever responsible for the attacks to his camp like moths to a lantern.

‘Dam it Dyeden! What you do that for!? It’s bloody freezing out here.’ One of the men said as he tried to salvage what he could of the flame.

Saving their lives, he hoped. There were hundreds of camps, spread too thin, unable to support one anther, all calling dangerous attention to themselves with the flicker of their fires.

The young man was held back easily enough by a larger man as the other two worked on the fire. One tossed glowing sticks back into the pit while the other blow on them. The flames snapped back into being.

‘Do you want to die? Do you want to end up torn to peaces like Grason!? Or disappear like Dehm?’ Dyeden spat painfully. His friends names tore at his throat. The loss was too fresh. He turned and paced away. Silently he moved into the darkness to shed the tears that built in his eyes. He didn’t want them to see, but they all knew why he had stepped away.

The squad leader watched his man bicker for a time. He watched the fire recover and start flicker more strongly as he thought. After his mind was made he moved to the side of the fire. To give his orders.

‘Snuff that.’ He said to the younger men.

‘What?’ One of them looked up at him, unsure of what he thought he heard.

‘Put the fire out.’ He said clearly with authority and strength.

There was no argument made and so the men sat in the cold darkness as the night progressed. In silence save for the sounds of the oceans waves lapping the shore and the tree branches gently swaying and dropping their leaves into the crisp breeze. They sat in the silent darkness until the light of the full moon became the focus of the night sky. They were no longer in darkness the moon lit the camp and the world shimmered a blue silver. It wasn’t long after when the silence was shattered, wolves howled in the distance. Grown men were never more afraid. The first attack had begun. It progressed in a similar way to the nights before. They started with sounds to alert one anther. Then turned to sound of alarm, cries for help. Horrible sounds of fear, sounds of bravery melting into desperation then torture… A distant camp across the river erupted in the toxic sound, a sound that crushes your hopes and leaves your morel damaged.

The silence came again. It was full of dread, yet in some way relief. The attack, the threat was far from them. The men hoped in silence, hoped they didn’t know the unfortunate victims. They waited for another camp to cry out, they didn’t need to wait long. A blood curdling cry came from the coast an unexpected direction. The camp was on their side of the river. Shivers crawled up their spines as they realized their had to be more then one group attacking this night.

Before the screams of the men died another camp across the river was struck and their distant cries mingled with the others. Then a forth camp went off in a third direction. Screams from up river could be heard most clearly. Names we called and cried.

‘Argh! Hel-ph!’ The voice muffled by distance died in the breeze.

‘Flayer!! Aaaarrrr!’ A voice answered before dropping off with the other.

The five men by the ashes fidgeted nervously with their weapons in hand. Their backs against one another their eyes and ears searching the forest for any signs of movement. And, thats how they spent their night. Listening to the screams of their brothers and friends meeting violent ends. They stood in the cold with more tension, stress, and fear then they ever imagined it possible to feel. Their eyes torching them with glimpses of moving shadows. Their ears hearing phantom footsteps too soft to be made out over their breath. They waited, fearing to be the next camp to contribute to the orchestra of brutality. For endless hours the screams persisted from all directions until the crack of dawn.

The men were exhausted as the light silenced the horrid sounds of men being torn apart by whatever faceless entity it was. They collapsed to the ground with dark bags under their eyes. They looked ill, but they were more then ill. They were tormented and scared and would be for years to come. They would dream of those screams and image the monsters coming for them. Some would recover in time, others were forever tormented.

Hey Guys! I hope you liked this full moon addition!. I have some good news! I’ve already been able to complete a number of 2000 word days!!! And, I believe I should be able to do it for 120 days Straight! That is the plan anyways – To get three 1st drafts completed in 4 months, 240,000 words 😀

I recently bought myself a calendar for 2020. (A old friend of mine created it with pictures he took) I will track my progress on it with special stickers for every day I get my 2000 words. It will be glorious!

I also found another great writing resource. It is a youtube playlist featuring over 12 hours of writing classes with the one and only Brandon Sanderson! I am so pumped I found this! I’ll add it to the Writing Resources soon.

One last thing, I would like to promote some really cool merchandise on my website. At this moment I will not be affiliated with anyone. Meaning I will not be making any money helping to sell their stuff. I just want to promote some artistic friends that remind me of the Esperantians from my story and some other interesting online stores to buy things that are in some way related to the themes my world is built around.

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Late 3rd Quarter: The Hunter’s Moon

~ The moon was waxing strongly. Not full, but still giving sufficient illumination to those creatures sensitive to her cycles. There were no other people dependent on her grace and power more than the Esperantians. They were a strange people, with strange customs, from an unheard of land. They made a good impression on the First Folk and most looked upon them as educators and perhaps even liberators from their Korseye overlords, but some, the ones more loyal to the Korseye, believed the Esperantians to be scheming peoples, not worthy of trust or their hospitality.

Perhaps, it was the Esperantian schemes that slowed the inevitable military advance of the Korseye. Or, perhaps it was more do to with internal unrest between the rival Lords of Roskeye. Such rivalry’s can make a large military response slow coming.

The local ruling class had little understanding of what they were dealing with before they arrived on the coast. The Korseye High Lord Thyradas Devondus had paid the Esperantians little mind for too long. Once he saw the new city and how well defended it was, he called in all his banners and set to the task of keeping the Esperantians pinned down. It took over two Triquil, almost a whole Quarter, for all his men to arrive and take their positions, but once in place, the Esperantian foragers were contested at every outing, and soon had to stop.

With over two Rotations to prepare, the Esperantians were dug in, and well provisioned for the siege. They knew they would be attacked from the moment they scouted the area. They had the most advanced scouting parties, and with their eyes on the Korseye, they built their defences. The formidable fortification was named Tero Sur Maro, which translates to Earth on Sea in the common Friesen tongue. What a marvel the city was. The design was unique. It had elements of both the Korseye castles and Friesen earthen homes, and yet somehow incorporated the alien elegance of the Esperantian people.

It is fair to say, the Esperantians underestimated the brutish Korseye people and their ability to unify themselves. The Korseye Lords stubbornly refused to entertain any of the Esperantians proposals. They were unwilling to communicate, compromise, or reason. Seen to be ignorant, overflowing with pride, and thick headed by the Esperantians, the Korseye proceeded to starve out the foreign people. And, that is how the cruel Lords of Roskeye believed the siege of Tero sur Maro would be decided. They intend to break them, then take them into slavery when weakened from starvation.

But alas, this would not be how history would remember this chapter in time. No. The break of the siege would be far more devastating. It would be surrounded in violent chaos, cloaked in an enduring mystery and would leave people wondering for generations what truly happened on the night of the Blood Moon ~

I am excited to be working on this project. I’m averaging 500 words a day… But, I hope to bring that up to 2000 by the new year. I just need to find some stability in my life and not let myself be so distracted by thoughts of pretty woman. Dang pretty woman and their powerful distracting capabilities they hold over my weak manly mind.

Anywho, I would like to complete 3 books in 2020 and release them in E-book format. I would like to convert them into Audio Books as soon as possible, but I think that might not happen in the same year. Thanks for following the progress! If you’re not please consider. You’ll receive an email similar to this every full moon.

Until Next Full Moon, stay safe, stay human.

Mid 3rd Quarter: The Blood Moon

~ Mid 3rd Quarter the armies of the Korseye were sparsely camped along the coast and up the mouth of the Thymra. They did their best to starve out the Esperantians on their newly fortified peninsula settlement. It took the Korseye months to marshal enough men from around the kingdom to pin the Esperantians in. Backed into a corner with no easy way out, the foreign council came to terms and, in the strange way they play politics, the powerful Esperantian families made their predictions and placed their wagers on the future. With limited supplies the people reduced their daily rations in hopes to hold out long enough to enact their plans. The native Korseye army seemed to have victory in their grasp as the days slowly bled towards the final moon of Mid 3rd Quarter. Golden, orange and crimson leaves blew free from the trees as temperatures dropped. The last Quadra of the 3rd Quarter was coming near ~

Hey Guys! So these moonly updates have been a long time coming. I also pushed the release date of my books into 2020. 😦 I could make up a million excuses for my procrastination such as LIFE… But, instead I’m going to share my new strategy to stay on target. To encourage myself to write once a month I took the liberty to schedule a years worth of posts. Here is a screen shot of the first half of the scheduled posts.

At the moment all of these are blank. I will fill them in before the scheduled date. But having them scheduled so far a head of the curve should give me the motivation I need to stay on it. As I said they will be released on each full moon. My story is about werewolves after all and that is when they come out to play.

To finish off this moon I embedded a video I made while I was in London over the new year. I had an issue uploading it way back and kinda forgot about it for a long while. But here it is now!

Next moon I will continue with some more history of the vast world I’m creating along with another video. Thanks for taking the time to read and if you are interested in helping to free up some of my time so I can focus more on this writing project please head over to My Patreon Page and become one of my first Patrons.

The First Moon sketch

Welcome to the first full moon of 2019. This is going to be a full year for me as I work to complete my first book. It is a massive undertaking and I invite you all to join me on the creative journey. You can get moonly updates if you hit the follow button on the bottom left of any page and enter your email.

Anyways here is a short video on one of the programs I’m using to create some fun time-lapses.

Click Here to see some of the 3D modelled Medieval Homes I created to help illustrate the towns and cities for the project.