Elien is a youtube that I found while searching for writing advice. She has a ton of educational videos on writing and she is always adding more. I think she could do with a new microphone tho 😦 Regardless, I personally get so excited to sit down and watch one of her videos… Usually because I’m going to start writing right after!

I’ve been actually writing each chapter as if it was going to be the first… Some other famous writer, turned teacher, said it was a good strategy, but this page is for Elien Brock. So, I recently watched this video of hers on how to write a good hook. After watching it, I realized I was on the right track!

My brain was like ‘Ya Boy! you Writing a book! And it’s gonna be good.’

I thought that because a lot of the things she spoke about I was already doing. But, the part about a good book came from some of the insights that came to me while I listened.

I am a firm believer that we can do anything that we set our mind to. If we focus on it enough, put in enough effort, and have enough bravery. There will always be people that will tell you exactly why you can’t do something. Don’t listen to them.

In life there are Goal Keeper and Score Keepers. Goal Keepers will always try to stop you from scoring, stop you from achieving, stop you from being frickin awesome., stop you from making a big difference in your own little way. Sad thing, more often then not they are your family and friends. Score Keepers on the other hand are the people that are the first to remind you of all your achievement, big and small, impactful or subtle, personal or international.

I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of Score Keepers… So, I think we can all agree the moral here is to Be a Score Keeper.

Elien Brock, If you’re ever reading this I want you to know I’m pumped that you have almost hit the 100k subscriber mark! And, that is a stellar achievement to unlock!

Click here to be translocated her YouTube Channel 😉 don’t forget to subscribe and ring her bell!… If your into that sort of thing.