In my humble opinion Affinity Photo is the best alternative to adobe Photoshop hands down. The software is much more affordable and the quality of the product is comparable. In fact Affinity Photo uses a lot of the same hotkeys as the present industry standard making it very easy to switch over. One of the biggest reasons why Affinity Photo is a better choice in my opinion is it’s a one time payment. You pay for it once and you have it forever. Magic! Check out what it has to offer over on their website.

Click the bunny to be trans-located to Affinity Photos Website

There are versions for windows, Mac and iPad Pro. They also have great tutorials to get people started with their software!

Here is a link to their desktop tutorials.

Here is a link to their iPad Tutorials.

I’ve been using Affinity Photo for a couple years now. I remember seeing the first advertisements for the software on YouTube and my initial thought was ‘This looks too good to me true.’ But, after doing research on the product and watching a bunch of videos reviews, I decided that it was worth the risk.

To be honest I feel this product is worth far more then the price it’s sold for. I’m a thrifty mo-foe though and I probably wouldn’t have risked more on an unknown software. I actually bought the software during a 20% off sale. 😀

I Recently invested in the Affinity Photo book, a T-shirt and a few brush packs. To wrap things up, Affinity has my loyalty because they offer –

  • Affordable software for everyone (including starting artist’s)
  • High Quality software that they continue to improve and update
  • A large library of tutorials that explain everything people need to know in order to use their software most effectively
  • And probably some other stuff that I can’t think of right now