Draw a Box is by far one of the best drawing resources I have ever discovered. It focuses on help students master the basic skills necessary to become highly capable artist. Irshad Karim the master mind behind this learning madness says that ‘anyone can learn to draw, it just takes practice and hard work. It’s just like training your body to do anything.’

Here is a 3rd party review of draw a box

If you are interested in learning to draw and produce descent art look no farther. You have just found one of the most amazing free resources on the planet. There is nothing more I could really say about Draw a Box. Be prepared to be uncomfortable.

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Irshad Karim has also started a YouTube channel. < you can click that and be brought there. I personally prefer learning from his website but his videos can add an extra level of clarity to the task. Here is his 50 video playlist of the draw a box lessons.