Late 3rd Quarter: The Hunter’s Moon

~ The moon was waxing strongly. Not full, but still giving sufficient illumination to those creatures sensitive to her cycles. There were no other people dependent on her grace and power more than the Esperantians. They were a strange people, with strange customs, from an unheard of land. They made a good impression on the First Folk and most looked upon them as educators and perhaps even liberators from their Korseye overlords, but some, the ones more loyal to the Korseye, believed the Esperantians to be scheming peoples, not worthy of trust or their hospitality.

Perhaps, it was the Esperantian schemes that slowed the inevitable military advance of the Korseye. Or, perhaps it was more do to with internal unrest between the rival Lords of Roskeye. Such rivalry’s can make a large military response slow coming.

The local ruling class had little understanding of what they were dealing with before they arrived on the coast. The Korseye High Lord Thyradas Devondus had paid the Esperantians little mind for too long. Once he saw the new city and how well defended it was, he called in all his banners and set to the task of keeping the Esperantians pinned down. It took over two Triquil, almost a whole Quarter, for all his men to arrive and take their positions, but once in place, the Esperantian foragers were contested at every outing, and soon had to stop.

With over two Rotations to prepare, the Esperantians were dug in, and well provisioned for the siege. They knew they would be attacked from the moment they scouted the area. They had the most advanced scouting parties, and with their eyes on the Korseye, they built their defences. The formidable fortification was named Tero Sur Maro, which translates to Earth on Sea in the common Friesen tongue. What a marvel the city was. The design was unique. It had elements of both the Korseye castles and Friesen earthen homes, and yet somehow incorporated the alien elegance of the Esperantian people.

It is fair to say, the Esperantians underestimated the brutish Korseye people and their ability to unify themselves. The Korseye Lords stubbornly refused to entertain any of the Esperantians proposals. They were unwilling to communicate, compromise, or reason. Seen to be ignorant, overflowing with pride, and thick headed by the Esperantians, the Korseye proceeded to starve out the foreign people. And, that is how the cruel Lords of Roskeye believed the siege of Tero sur Maro would be decided. They intend to break them, then take them into slavery when weakened from starvation.

But alas, this would not be how history would remember this chapter in time. No. The break of the siege would be far more devastating. It would be surrounded in violent chaos, cloaked in an enduring mystery and would leave people wondering for generations what truly happened on the night of the Blood Moon ~

I am excited to be working on this project. I’m averaging 500 words a day… But, I hope to bring that up to 2000 by the new year. I just need to find some stability in my life and not let myself be so distracted by thoughts of pretty woman. Dang pretty woman and their powerful distracting capabilities they hold over my weak manly mind.

Anywho, I would like to complete 3 books in 2020 and release them in E-book format. I would like to convert them into Audio Books as soon as possible, but I think that might not happen in the same year. Thanks for following the progress! If you’re not please consider. You’ll receive an email similar to this every full moon.

Until Next Full Moon, stay safe, stay human.