A few years back I had a lucid dream that throw me into a distant past. It was one of unmatched detail and vividness. Closer to reality then any dream I’ve experienced before. Colours were clear, my vision was sharp. I could smell, hear, touch and interact with the world around me as if it were made of stone, wood and grass. People spoke to me and interacted with one another in ways that bewildered my mind, and slowly chiselled away at my once certainty that I wondered a dream world of my own manifestations.

The power of the human mind never ceases to impress me. Initially my logic was intact and it easily convinced me that I was indeed dreaming. I knew I wasn’t born in the dark ages. However, I was smothered in my own curiosity. As a child I always held a deep fascination with the medieval times. So much so I used to wish I was born in the simpler time. A time of castles and swords, knights and lords. A time when the world was a much bigger place and the problems people faced were small and trivial to the ones we face today as a global community.

When my adventure first began I easily identified the world wasn’t real, in midst of its physical properties. As I walked around the medievil city touching the walls of buildings and absorbing the details of the old architecture with joyful eyes, I felt as if I was in a playground or massive museum.

After a long while exploring the city and speaking with locals I met some people of the noble class. They seemed to take an interest in me and after a length conversation I was invited to the great hall for a feast. That evening I eat their food and drink cups of wine and ale. I spoke about the world and simplified many ideas of the present, speaking of them in entertaining and for telling ways. The folk were entertained by my bizarre accent and imaginative fabrications. After many drinks and most people were finished their meals I decided I would get some fresh air. I saw a staircase to get onto the wall and I did not hesitate. From the wall I was the most stunning view of the village and Valley below. Shortly after this moment of beauty my experience took a turn and the following events have left me with the desire to share this story. A story of Monsters.