A few years back a lucid dream through me into a medieval city. It was like being placed in a massive living museum. The dream was more real then any I had before. I walked around touching walls and staring curiously at things. I interacted with the elements of my imagination as if they were solid stone, wood and plaster. People looked at me a little oddly as I stroked buildings but it didn’t bother me. I imagine anyone would raise an eyebrow to a man petting a house while making sounds of awe. I paid them little attention but anytime I did I was bewildered with their realistic interactions with one another.

The power of the human mind never ceases to impress me. At the beginning of the dream I was aware enough to realize I was dreaming, but as things carried on I started to fall deeper into the experience while enjoying my time in Athangar. I touched everything and absorbing as much details as I could with joyful eyes. I was in a playground! Wahoo!

After a long time of groping beautiful buildings and getting tons of odd looks I met a traveler that led a small group of caravans full of trade goods. The merchants were of higher class then the peasants giving me all those funny looks. I was done with touching medieval houses. I wanted to touch more serious things… Like the castle on the hill overlooking the town. That’s what I wanted to stroke next and luckily for me the merchants were going to be feasting in the keep that evening and they seemed to like my oddness and decided to invited me along.

That evening I eat medieval food with a knife and my fingers. I drank wine and ale from a mug. I chatted about our world (the present day) in a simplified manner. The folk were entertained by my fabrications and the laughter attracted more attention then I was comfortable with. By the time I finished eating I was hot and decided to get some fresh air.

While outside I saw a staircase leading onto the wall; I didn’t hesitate. From a top the wall was the most stunning view of a medieval city nestled into a long narrow Valley. It was beautiful and ever so peaceful. Thick clouds hung over the mountains. The were outlined by the moons light that hid behind them. As a breathed and took in the view the clouds and moon slowly shifted. Soon the moon light shown on my skin and I started to feel dizzy.

It happened as it does in real life. At times I get light headed when thinking about certain things that my mind can not handle well. If I can’t relax and gain control of my thoughts I spiral to a point that my mind shuts down.

I was on a castle wall. not much more then a meter wide. On one side was a magnificent 20 to 30 foot drop, on the other was a stone wall. As I crumpled to the stone in a controlled manner I directed my body towards the walled side hoping I would not flail myself over the edge. And the fainting episode continued as it would in my waking life. Thousands of visions flashing in front of me in an accelerated pace. The feeling of my spirit leaving my body on the wall and being rifled through time and space beyond the speed of lite. And after a time the journey came to an end in the same way it does in reality. With my eye darting back and forth so violently my vision stays blurred for a time. My ears ringing so persistently that all sound is distorted.

In real life these effects don’t last long but in this dream they were amplified and persisted. I used the wall to pick myself up. Unable to focus my vision or balance do to the ringing in my head. I was losing the awareness I was dreaming. I pulled myself along hoping to find help and when I saw a shadow of a man on the wall I did my best to call for help.

It was answered a moment later and clarity came with haste as I was hit in the shoulder. A crossbow bolt buried itself into my flesh and I stared down at it in disbelief. All awareness of the fact that I was dreaming disappeared as I looked at the bolt with such clarity. There was no time to think ‘O no problem, I’m just dreaming.’ No, it hit me with such force I spun 90 degree and almost stumbled off the wall.

I became aware of all my new body hair and realized I was not human any more. And I was in a dangerous situation. So I ran.